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Featured Event

Holiday 2016 5K

Holiday 2016 5KThe holidays are here. Burn some of those calories off by joining our Holiday 5K run. Get outside and get some exercise to relive the stress of the holidays. Plus, this medal is a Christmas ornament you can hang on your tree.


Spooky 5K

Spooky 5K Run

Join us celebrating Halloween by participating in our Spooky 5K run. Get out and burn off some calories from those Halloween treats.


Breast Cancer Awareness

breast-cancer-awereness-2016-smallHelp raise breast cancer awareness. Join us in our 5K run to raise awareness. The name of the race will be engraved on the back of the medal. This is a key chain medal so you can show your support wherever you go!


Live, Love, Shine

Live, Love, Shine

Live, Love, Shine

Wreckless Running is excited to announce our next event, the “Live, Love, Shine 5K/10K”. We are partnering with the Starlight Foundation and a portion of all sales will be donated directly to the foundation. Please join us in making this run a success and helping the Starlight Foundation be a shining light in the lives of families going through unspeakable darkness.


Furever Friends Run

Furever Friends Dog

Furever Friends Dog Medal

Furever Friends Cat

Furever Friends Cat Medal

You can choose between a cat or dog medal or do both!!!

Profits from the sales of our cat medals will benefit Cats in Need. Cats in Need is a completely volunteer run organization that focus on adopting kitties into great forever homes. They showcase their fosters online through their Facebook Page as well as through Petfinder.com & AdoptAPet.com. They depend on donations to cover the basics: food, medical care (shots and spay/neuter) for the kitties until they go home to their new families. With the shelters overtaxed, many of these kitties would likely be killed due to sheer population overload and not enough public funds to support them. Please help us support this great charity. When you register you will receive a custom bib (via e-mail) and a custom medal and ribbon.

Profits from the sales of our dog medals will go to benefit a dog shelter TBD.


Land of the Free, Home of the Brave 5k!

Prototype v2

We are now selling July 4th virtual runs. This run only offered as a 5k. You will receive a bib displaying the American flag and the silhouette of an American soldier. Your first name and unique runner number are clearly printed on the bib. Show you appreciation and support to our troops and your patriotism.



Wreckless Running Inaugural 5K/10K

Inaugural Medal

Inaugural Medal

It’s finally here!!! Our inaugural 5K/10K is now on sale. Don’t miss out on being part of our very first run. Your registration includes a race bib (e-mail format), a super cool medal and the best feeling of all, accomplishment!! Click the Register Now button and reserve your medal today!


Inaugural Run Ribbon

Inaugural Run Ribbon



How it Works

Step 1: Realize how amazing you are!!
Step 2: Click here to register.
Step 3: Select the virtual run you want to register for and add to cart and pay.
Step 4: You will receive instructions on when to complete the distance you registered for, when your medal will be shipped, and you will also receive an e-mail with a bib you can print.
Step 5: Complete the distance you registered for and make sure to take pictures.
Step 6: Upload your time and pictures to Facebook and the website. We will not use your photos for any purpose.
Step 7: Reward yourself with the cool medal you received!!
Step 8 : Stay tuned for more runs and REPEAT!!



Hello everyone and welcome to Wreckless Running! It is our goal to design fun virtual runs for people of all ages and running ability. Whether you run, walk, crawl or skip to complete your event, you will still earn some of the coolest bling in town!! We are just getting started, so stay tuned for our first event to be announced soon!!!