Yesterday one of my friends called me up and asked for my advice. Not that giving my advice is a rare occurrence but this time the advice that was asked for was in regards to running. She was asking specifically about running shoes. After 3 years of running and several pairs of running shoes , I did have some advice to give. She wanted to know the best brand and where she could go to buy them. These seem like they would be such easy questions to answer, but wait a minute. What about pronation, comfort level, size, price and the basic look of the shoe. I made the mistake of purchasing my first pair of running shoes at a chain shoe store from a sales associate that didn’t know or care about my feet while they were being pounded into the pavement. My first piece of advice was to go to a running store that specializes in evaluating running style. This will give you the ability to talk to someone that knows how to suggest a running shoe. The first thing that they will do is have you walk around the store or run on a treadmill. They will watch how your feet strike the ground and your ankle movement. After this process they will bring out several pairs of shoes to try on. At this point the important thing to do is TRY ON ALL THE SHOES! Even if the first pair feel awesome, you can still find a pair that feel even better. Don’t be afraid to walk all around the store or even get back on the treadmill and jog for a minute. Another thing I learned while shopping for running shoes is that you should always buy your shoes 1/2-1 size larger than your regular shoe size. This allows room for your feet to swell on longer runs. You want to allow room for swelling but make sure that your feet aren’t floating. And once you have narrowed down your choices, you can make your final decision based on your fashion sense and budget. I am looking forward to seeing what shoes she comes home with!

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